What Is Bug Tracking?

So What Is Bug Tracking?

Like issue tracking, bug tracking is the process of reporting, logging and tracking issues that relate to a project. In many cases bug tracking will take place using bug tracking systems that include features designed to help users track, organise, manage and resolve bugs effectively.

Is Bug Tracking The Same As Issue Tracking?

Although bug tracking and issue tracking do the same job, bug tracking relates more specifically to the process of tracking problems and issues that relate to an application or piece of software.

How To Use Bug Tracking Software?

Brightlight offers a number of tools that are designed to make the process of bug tracking simple. As well as reporting bugs, users are also able to update, prioritise and allocate reported bug.

A good approach to using the tracking system would be to group your reported issues into milestones and then concentrate on completing each milestone in turn. If there are multiple users working on the same project it may be worth separating and assigning issues to each individual user in the team.

Should I use Hosted Bug Tracking Software?

Hosted bug tracking software can be more beneficial than the traditional desktop based tracking systems. In many cases there is no software to download or install and all users will likely be using the same version of the system. Hosted systems also allow you to check issues on the go and make it easier to collaborate team members at a distance.

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