What Is Issue Tracking?

So What is Issue Tracking?

Issue tracking or as some like to call it bug tracking is the process of tracking and documenting any issues or bug that relate to a project or product. Although this process will usually take place during the development stage of a product, issue tracking is an ongoing process and as new issues and bugs arise they may also be documented.

Issue tracking software tends to provide users with a way of reporting and logging issues as well as features that allow users to prioritise, update and assign issues. The overall goal being to work towards the resolution of the issues logged in the system.

So what is the difference between issue tracking and bug tracking?

Issue tracking is more of a general term and refers to the process of tracking issues that relate to any type of project. Bug tracking on the other hand tends to refer to the process of tracking issues and "bugs" within software.

So Who Should Use Issue Tracking Software?

Anyone who wants to improve the way a project is developed should consider using issue tracking software. The software may come with features and tools that can simplify the process of organising and tracking bugs, problems and issues.

An individual may use an issue tracking tool to log problems, a team may use the software to collaborate and allocate issues between members of the team. A company on the other hand may also use issue tracking tools to track feedback from clients and work to a resolution.

Is Brighlight right for me?

If you are looking for a hosted issue tracking or bug tacking system then Brightlight is right for you. We try to make the process of issue tracking simple by providing users with access to features including issue reporting, user management and file storage. Take a look at our features tour for more information.