Manage & Organize Your Issue Tracking

We have created tools to help you organize and manage project bugs and issues more effectively. Improve issue tracking by making use of milestones, assigned users, issue statuses and more!


Organize Your Issues Into Milestones

Use milestones to organize your issues into groups based upon a set completion date. You can view the progress of your milestones from within the milestone overview section, progress is based upon the number of "Resolved" tickets vs the total number of tickets.

Assign Statuses To Your Issues

Assign Statuses To Your Issues

Keep your team updated with the status of your issues by assigning the appropriate status to them. We currently have 4 different status levels including: Open, Hold, Resolved and Invalid.

Prioritise Your Issues

Prioritise Your Issues

Issues may have a different level of priority associated with them. Brightlight will allow you to assign a level or priority to each issue, we currently have three levels including: High, Medium and Low.

Issue / User Allocation

User / Issue Allocation

When updating or creating a new issue you may choose to assign responsibility for the issue to an inidividual user. A user is then easily able to filter issues assigned to them from within the ticket list section.